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Photo depicting a range of Spanish Tapas part of the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

In Spain you are spoilt for choice with healthy eating options, extra-virgin olive oil, ripe tomatoes and sweet peppers. Salad greens galore, heart-healthy garlic and onions, immaculately fresh seafood, plenty of legumes (especially chickpeas).

The Spanish diet is a prime example of the Mediterranean diet. All products sold on local markets are picked that morning straight from the fields. The range of food they eat is by far one of the healthiest in the world, and you are spoilt for choice with local produce.

Andalusia, probably the largest producer of olive oil in the world, is promoting a healthy diet through an initiative called Instituto de la Alimentación Mediterránea which educates school children on the principles of a healthy Mediterranean diet based on olive oil. And in the northeast, the Foundation for the Advancement of the Mediterranean Diet, based in Barcelona, includes fish, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, among its recommended foods and beverages—and also, surprisingly, cava, the Catalan sparkling white wine.

Markets are the best way to buy your fruit and vegetables – the quality is usually excellent as much is locally grown and picked, and it’s fantastic value too. It’s interesting to see the different vegetables and the size of the peppers are huge compared to home supermarkets. To buy typically 4 peppers a kilo of tomatoes you might expect to pay 2-3 euros, no better way to to make a passata or healthy pasta sauce.

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